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Here’s what our members are saying

Chasaidy School Counsel Member


I love the lesson plans! They are aligned with the ASCA standards which I love, and my principal was impressed with the quality of the plans. Each topic builds through the grades to give a deeper understanding. My favorite so far is "I Am on the Road to Success-A Lesson on Career Planning". It starts with teaching about career clusters, continues on to teach students about developing a plan, then introduces the older students to resume writing. We are a NEU school and this lesson fits right in with my goals. The kids really responded well to the lesson, too! By the end I had a first grader ask me, "Who is this a picture of?" I replied, "It's a teacher, where does she go?" and without missing a beat she said, "Oh she's in human services!" I excited to get to start my year next year with all these resources, I wish I'd found them sooner.

Hereford, Texas United States / schoolcounselorworld
Jessica school counsel member


Words can’t describe how thankful I am for School Counselor World! One of the most challenging aspects of being a school counselor is time?, there is just not enough time to get all my tasks accomplished. Through the years I have always struggled with finding lessons that are effective and engaging . School Counselor World’s lesson provide interactive and effective lessons that keep kids' interest. I have spent hours upon hours searching, goggling, and reading lessons in the past and I am thrilled those days are gone! I love the fact the lessons are aligned with ACSA standards and that the website is user friendly and it's easy to find materials I need. School Counselor World has made my life so much easier and I am forever grateful for their lessons, resources, and amazing customer service.

McDonough, Georgia United States. / schoolcounselorworld
Nola School Counsel Member


I have been a member of the School Counselor World website since early last year. It has saved me a tremendous amount of time researching out specific guidance topics to use in classes. The website is user friendly, allowing me to search out quickly what I need, print the materials and lesson plan, which includes the ASCA standards. It is truly a one stop shop. The days are gone where I peruse books and the Internet in search of lessons, then type a lesson plan. It's all done for me now. In addition to lessons, I have also reached out to School Counselor World to put together a staff development presentation to use at my school. In a matter of days, they provided me with a great presentation to use. I highly recommend this website for school counselors looking for ways to make their lives simpler. It has definitely made my life as a school counselor simpler.

Nitro, West Virginia United States / School Counselor World